Measuring your feet at home

It is better to measure your feet after your daily activities. A long day can slightly increase the size of your feet.

What will you need:
A sheet of paper (measure both feet, invert it)
A pencil or pen
A ruler or measuring tape

Place the sheet of paper on the floor
You are going to trace an outline of your foot to measure, so avoid doing this on carpet or any other surface that will be difficult to write on.

Place your foot firmly on the center of the sheet of paper
Your leg should be slightly bent and your chin should be straight to the ankle of the foot to be measured. You can bend over or sit on a chair to perform this action, but remember to exercise your body weight also on the foot to be measured.

Draw the outline of your foot all the way around
We recommend carrying out this process without socks.

Mark the length and width of your foot on paper
Use the pencil or pencil to draw lines marking each end, these being the longest points and their width.

Measure the length of your foot
Use a measuring tape or ruler to measure the length of your foot, always keeping in mind to find the longest points in the contour of your foot and write down this number.

Measure the width of your foot
Measure between the lines on the sides, looking for the widest points of the contour of your foot and write the number.

Any additional information you provide will help you replicate your footing in any of our productions. If you have a foot with orthopedic needs or special measures, please contact us by mail to

Watch the video below, it will help you give us the measuremenets we need.