We advise taking your measurements after your daily activities. A long day, you can slightly increase the size of your feet. Do this process without socks.

What will you need?

A sheet or piece of paper (It will measure both feet).
A pencil or pen.
A measuring tape.

1. Lay the sheet or piece of paper on the floor. It will trace the outline of your feet. Perform this procedure on a surface that is easy for you to write on.

2. Once you have traced the outline of your feet, measure the longest length from the tip of the toes to the heel, as represented in the drawing by the letter A (Foot Length)

3.  From the contour of your feet, also measure the widest part at the height of the joint, as represented in the image by the letter B (Width of the foot)

4.  Using a measuring tape, take contour measurements at points C and D, reflected in the image:

C - Instep perimeter
D - Ankle circumference

5. Once you have written the data A, B, C and D on the paper where you drew the outline of your feet, you will take a photo and attach it in response to our order confirmation email. We also need photographs of your feet seen from above and in profile. Finally, that of any commercial footwear that you have where the label with the data of your size and specifications is reflected.

IMPORTANT: The information provided will be stored in our exclusive and private customer database, without having to repeat these steps for future orders.

*Any additional information that you provide us will be very useful to tailor any of our productions.